Practice Areas

In our perspective, the best course of action to help our clients while they accomplish their goals is to understand and sort out the key points of the issues first.Our aim is to provide the best solution with our team experienced in numerous fields of law.

Companies Law and Corporate Governance

ICK Attorneys at Law provides all kinds of legal assistance to companies in the field of companies law pursuant to the Turkish Commercial Code, and provides legal service on all aspects of companies law, daily procedures of companies, preparation of internal directive on delegation of powers, drafting of all kinds of board of directors’ decisions, conducting general assembly meetings, keeping statutory books, and incorporation of companies and liquidation procedures, incorporation of liaison and branch offices in Turkey for domestic and foreign companies for the purpose of building a corporate memory.

In addition, we follow up all kinds of legislation changes in the field of companies law with an aim to ensure corporate compliance and prepare information notes and memorandums in this regard for our corporate clients. At the same time, within the framework of consultancy services, we tailor and provide special trainings for our clients regarding companies law, provisions amended by the New Turkish Commercial Code, and corporate governance principles depending on our clients’ needs.

Mergers and Acquisitions

ICK Attorneys at Law provides advice to large and medium scale companies, investment funds, newly established companies through its attorneys experienced in the field of mergers and acquisitions. Within the scope of mergers and acquisitions, we offer legal assistance to our clients during the process of sale of shares and assets, and within this scope, we provide advice regarding due diligence, preparation and negotiation of sales contracts, signing, closing and post-closing transactions.

Our merger and acquisition services include performance of intra-group or non-group, public or non-public companies’ restructuring, merger and partial or full demerger transactions before relevant governmental authorities, follow-up of related procedures, preparation of all kinds of documents and contracts during such process.

At the same time, we provide strategic and legal support to clients in the preparation of contracts and documents regulating partnership relations and exit rights, and formation of the new shareholding structure arising as a result of merger and acquisition procedure.

Law of Contracts

ICK Attorneys at Law offers professional assistance in preparation, review and signing all kinds of agreements, either having commercial or non-commercial nature, for corporate and individual clients.

Our attorneys, who are specialized in their fields, work with due care on matters such as penalty clause, termination and compensation provisions, and any potential disputes in the course of preparation of agreements, and provide solution-oriented advice taking care not to hinder commercial transactions.

Energy Law

ICK Attorneys at Law provides advice in the field of energy law to leading companies engaged in production, trading and intermediation activities in several types of conventional and renewable energy sources, including petroleum, natural gas, hydroelectricity and solar energy.

Our team, which brings together interdisciplinary knowledge and experience, offers multi-perspective and high-level support to companies engaged in energy sector, by taking into consideration practices and problems in the sector and successfully represents the clients before regulatory authorities with its unique experience.

Through our energy team comprised of attorneys and advisors with experience in energy law, we provide energy-specific corporate legal advice on issues such as local energy law, contracts, financing of energy projects, purchase and sale, energy market license transactions, expropriation, settlement of investment disputes.

Capital Markets Law

ICK Attorneys at Law provides legal support to its clients whose shares are on stock exchange for all kinds of transactions concerning capital markets law, including advice on mergers and demergers of publicly held companies, initial and secondary public offers, material disclosures, material transactions, exclusion of shareholders, sales procedures, registered capital system and principles of corporate governance.

Additionally, we follow up all legislation changes in relation to the principles of corporate governance, OECD’s corporate governance principles, and prepare information notes and memorandums for our corporate clients. At the same time, within the scope of our consultancy services we prepare and provide specially tailored trainings for our clients regarding corporate governance principles, substantial transactions, mergers and demergers of publicly held companies, depending on our clients’ needs.

Real Estate (Property) Law

ICK Attorneys at Law provides legal advice to domestic and foreign investors and all players of the real estate sector which grows every day, on every aspect and stage of real estate projects, and in relation to urban transformation processes, preparation of contracts, and holding of negotiations.

The main services provided by ICK Attorneys at Law in the field of real estate law includes solving problems related to development plans, expropriation procedures, settlement of disputes, construction contracts, including those concerning construction right in return for flat, processes with banks and loan institutions in real estate financings, creation and release of all kinds of real rights, such as mortgage, usufruct right and right of building over real estate, preparation and negotiation of detailed lease contracts for commercial or residential property, performance of necessary transactions before land registry office, cadaster and municipalities and follow-up of all procedures including issuance of licenses.

Mentioned services are provided for, housing, office, land, hotel, shopping center, factory, power plant, 2B land, organized industry and all kinds of real estate, including those located in free zones.

Dispute Settlement

ICK Attorneys at Law represents its individual and corporate clients during dispute settlement processes in or out of court powerfully. Our team provides solution-oriented support to its clients on complicated subjects that require specialization.

Within the field of dispute settlement, our team has in-depth experience in commercial law, health law and expropriation. Additionally, we also provide legal support for recognition and enforcement of foreign court and arbitration decisions in Turkey


Employment Law

ICK Attorneys at Law provides advisory services to its clients on all subjects within the scope of employment law, representing both the employer and the employee side. Our services mainly include preparation and termination of employment contracts including the provisions for non-compete and confidentiality based on the clients’ needs, carrying out relevant procedures in connection with employee transfers in case of company mergers, and business transfers, follow-up of reemployment and collective labour lawsuits.

ICK Attorneys at Law closely follows up legislation changes, court decisions, doctrine and general practices, and informs its clients on current developments, and provides opinions aimed at taking of the required actions.

Project Financing

ICK Attorneys at Law offers legal support for transactions aimed at providing financing for all kinds of investment projects, including real estate and energy investments.

Within the scope of project financing, we offer our clients all kinds of legal services, including preparation of loan documentation, preparation of all kinds of collateral documents, including pledge, mortgage, commercial enterprise pledge, which will serve as the collateral for the financing, negotiation of such documents, holding preliminary discussions and performance of procedures related to signing of these agreements and collaterals, and creation of collaterals, and we also follow up and provide advice on the procedures related with the collateral for the loan under Turkish law.

Intellectual Property Law

ICK Attorneys at Law provides all kinds of legal support regarding registration, use, transfer of rights such as trademarks, patents and industrial designs or in the course of settlement of disputes in case of any infringement of such rights.

In addition, we provide specialized support for transfer or protection of intellectual and industrial property rights such as trademarks, patents or trade secrets, and give assistance for creation of policies on this subject.